Hello 2017! from Laura Elizabeth

February 9, 2017

three children laying in a field talking

New year, fresh new start!  Instead of setting a new years resolution [which I would inevitably fail to keep by the end of January]  I made a  list of a few small tasks for Photography by Laura Elizabeth!  I’ve been hard at work trying to increase my social media presence so I can get all these meaningful images I’ve captured over the last year out to all of you!  I’m now on Instagram= YAY!  My website has been revamped= YAY! I’m putting finishing touches on my 2017 Wedding Welcome Guide= YAY!  So today I’m feeling accomplished [despite being up until 2 am working on the website] and reveling in the small wins I’ve had for 2017 thus far. A girl has to celebrate something, right??

On that note, in celebrating the freshness that a new year can bring, I can’t help but also reflect on last year and all the wonderful clients I was so humbly honoured to capture.  This past year has been a journey of self discovery through lifestyle photography, capturing over 20 families this past fall.  I can’t help but offer gratitude and thanks to those of you who shared a moment in time with me, photographing people is really the best job there is.  My hope is that years down the road when looking through these images you feel the warmth, love and emotion you felt in that moment.  Wishing you all the best in 2017,

Laura Elizabeth


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