If I’m being honest here, boudoir photography really ignites my soul. Getting to see women undergo an experience of self love, self expression and self empowerment is literally the best job in the world. I get it, opening yourself up and being vulnerable in front of a camera isn’t always easy BUT it is so beyond worth it. Not only looking sexy but actually feeling sexy is what every single woman deserves.

Self love and body positivity is such a big topic right now, and there’s a reason for this– we as women are desperately craving it. We want real, we want to feel free in our skin just AS we are. We don’t need beauty defined by some magazine or standard, because there is no one way- we ALL have something wonderful to offer.

Boudoir photography is about finding comfort in your own beautiful skin. We work together to make you feel like a goddess. I guide you along every step of the way, I promise! Come be yourself, love yourself– take that plunge for yourself.