Exclusive New Boudoir Photography Studio

October 12, 2018

girl sitting on bed looking into shadows

I am so excited to have this exclusive new space available for my boudoir photography clients, a beautifully boho styled little studio in the heart of downtown Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes.  Dabbling in boudoir and having a private space for women and couples to come and create with me, is really a dream come true.

Boudoir photography is a passion and not just what I do for my job.  Women often come into the studio feeling vulnerable, perhaps a little shy or with butterflies but leave a totally different person.  Seeing the transformation that occurs is really life altering for me.  Working with women through this process– witnessing the shoulders starting to relax, the smiles start to beam and their inner Cindy Crawford sex goddess look, is well, so darn fulfilling!

But being in the boudoir industry leads to some pretty fun and interesting topics.  But something I have observed all too frequently I might add, is as women the internal dialogue we tell ourselves, the standards we hold ourselves to— I consistently hear (and slightly die inside each and every time)

When I lose 10 more pounds

I’m not beautiful/skinny/young/fit enough for boudoir

I have no boobs/no lingerie/…

I regret not doing boudoir before I got married/had kids/….

But if I could tell each and every one of you frankly in that moment what I really think, I would say, you are enough.  We are all enough.  You deserve to be celebrated, you deserve to be pampered, you deserve to feel and look beautiful- you are enough just as you are.  Stop the excuses, stop the self sabotage, stop thinking there is a clock that has passed on your beauty meter and do it for the love of yourself, appreciate your body girl!!

Boudoir is such a beautiful experience for me as a creative because each client that walks through that door is different and I freaking love it!  Together we create something that maximizes all the awesomeness of you.  Not all boudoir has to be bare skin and thongs; I work with your comfort level to create something you will love.

So I want to offer you, the woman who most definitely is enough just as you are, a spot at our boudoir photography event.  Each private session is 30 minutes long with professional hair & makeup on site AND I’m going to give you a complimentary luxurious hard cover keepsake album as well.  Email me at to book your time slot as space is limited.

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