Lindsay Lilac Garden Engagement Session

August 2, 2017

couple looking at each other in park

So that saying that goes something like”The best laid plans…” Well here is how our engagement session started:

Scouted perfect location with a heavenly smell in prime time lilac season = check

Golden rays setting across the garden at sunset (photographers dream) = check

Super fun couple up for any adventure = check

Hoards and hoards and HOARDS of mosquitos = check

Missing bug spray = check

So needless to say we donated a couple gallons of blood during our engagement session at the Lindsay, ON Lilac Gardens but WAS IT EVER WORTH IT!  Do you know how many mosquitos I had to photoshop out ?!?!  This park is a gem; the backlight golden sunset really matched the chill, fun vibe of these two.  You don’t need to know Erin + Adam to see how great they are for each other – the images say it all.   I happily recall bugging Adam years ago for details when Erin first came on the scene (with the help of my former colleagues) and we knew then he was smitten then.

After we couldn’t stand the mosquitos any longer, we opted for a little mix of urban and headed to the downtown core but not before I had a chance to bust out my antique quilt that I love so much!! I have a slight love affair with antique quilts with fun bright colours, and was so happy we could incorporate it into this fun evening.

This job, you have to love being in love, but it makes it that much sweeter seeing someone you know, so happy.   I am so thrilled for your engagement, and can’t wait to capture your big day!!!

Location:  Lilac Gardens of Lindsay