Hi I’m Laura Elizabeth!

Yes I am super outnumbered being the only female in my house among my husband, three boys, and dog (yes, even the dog is male!). I grew up in, and call, the City of Kawartha Lakes home as I just couldn’t shake my love for the small town feel, and my family connection to this area. Our summers are filled with visits to the lake and our winters are spent in an arena — think hockey, a lot of hockey.

As a young girl I would sit with my grandmothers photo albums pouring over page after page. Flipping through those pages fed my soul, although at the time I couldn’t really pinpoint why. Twenty years later the ‘why’ came full circle when I became a photographer. The inner pull, the ‘why’ I love images so much is because those black & white pages captured emotion, they made me feel.  Life is full of milestones and moments; being able to look back and flip through the pages so your children can not only see them, but feel them, is why I love having a camera in my hand.

My amazing clients invite me into their lives so I can capture them walking through life as themselves; true, honest and raw. Using a lifestyle approach I blend art and emotion into the beautiful images of our time together. I am passionate about capturing these moments of connection; tickle fights, laughing, dancing, exploring, whatever it is that make you, you! Whether its your wedding day, or an afternoon with the family let’s capture your authentic moments so you too, can flip through the pages. I’d love to hear from you, contact me here!

Sincerely, Laura Elizabeth Hargrave

Some Fun Facts about Me


I love gummy bears but they have to be almost stale... yes I'm weird


I always have a cup of tea by my side or in the microwave that I'm warming up for about the 5th time


I have been able to travel to some really neat places growing up including Australia, Paris, Scotland, Mexico, Jamaica, a few US states and both eastern & western Canada. But still on my bucket list I would love to visit BC (WHY do I only ever get as far as Alberta!!!) a few more US cities including Boston & San Fran... and worldwide places India, Thailand, Greece, Iceland & New Zealand


My husband is a super talented carpenter and we just moved into our third home that he built, and its our forever home. He builds and designs the exterior which leaves me to design the interior, and yes, our antics are HGTV worthy when trying to find balance between aesthetic and budget....


If it's Italian & Pinot Grigio, I. AM. THERE.