Buckhorn Couples Photography

August 2, 2018

couples session with dog while they embrace each other

Kyla, Chris + Nixon joined me for an evening adventuring in Buckhorn, a super cute small town located outside Peterborough.  We originally planned to head to Sandy Beach based on rave reviews of the blue water and sand for miles, but with no cloud in sight and sunset still hours away that idea quickly changed.  We ended up loving this magical little cove between the parking lot and beach.  I will always gravitate to long grass and a field and I’m pretty sure Nixon was happy with the stick selection too 😉 .  Between the purple flowers and Queen Anne’s Lace it’s was so whimsical and gorgeous… am I right?  They are just weeds, but they are so beautiful!

After we finished up in the parking lot no less (which just goes to show you can really find beauty anywhere!) I recalled seeing a sign on my drive to Adam + Eve rock.  After a quick google search, we made our way back down the road to check out these glacial rocks which have made a home in Buckhorn. As we arrived we learned that legend has it that if two lovers hold hands and each touch the rock, their lives will be blessed. I mean, how amazing was it to just stumble upon this, talk about fate!  Pretty amazing to get to witness this, and despite our reservations of the large space between the two rocks, they did it!  In retrospect I shouldn’t have totally been surprised at fate coming into play that night, because the story of these two wonderful humans really is just that-  when the right person walks into your life at just the time and all it takes is a glance from across the room.  It gives me goosebumps just to think about how a stranger, whom you probably crossed paths with on so many occasions before, can in one instant become the love of your life.  Love is a pretty wonderful thing.

Locations: Sandy Beach, and Adam + Eve Rock

sunset shining through trees with queen anne lace in field

girl and guy taking dog for a walk during sunset

girl and guy cuddling while crouched around dog

dog in a field with owners around him smiling

couple looking at each other in a field during sunset couple session

couple photography session with a guy and girl holding hands in a green field at sunset

girl looking to the side while standing in a field

girl and guy walking through a field in a black and white portrait

dog with head out window

stone sign adam and eve rock donated for display in buckhorn

couple holding hands while touching glacial rock

girl and boy holding hands while looking at each other lovingly

sunset image of a couple holding each other while sitting on a rock in buckhorn ontario

dog looking up at camera while couples smiles at dog

boy embracing girl while sitting on a rock called adam + eve buckhorn