Lavender Field Photo Sessions

July 26, 2019

babe in arms of dad during durham area lavender session

This was my first year being able to offer lavender field photo sessions, and wow- words don’t begin to suffice, all I can say is just wow! Upon arriving at Lavender Blu in Seagrave, ON which is run by the incredibly sweet Mila, I immediately fell in love with her studio and farm. While I’m certain the work is plenty, she has infused thoughtful love and passion into every nook & cranny at her lavender farm. The heavenly smell filled all my senses and what a privilege it was to be able to photograph families in such an inspiring space.

I wanted to share with you a snippet from this extremely adorable extended family session. I am a firm believer that photographs are such an important part of a legacy. Photographs capture not only the people in your life but the relationships, the feeling, the connection. As a mother of three I can’t even count the times I’ve been stopped in the streets by a stranger reminiscing of their own days finishing it off by saying “it goes by so fast”. And yes, they couldn’t be more right. It goes by SO fast. So when we look back at these years down the road, these photo sessions serve as a time capsule for us of the things at each stage we may currently take for granted. It’s the subtleties that matter- The way her tiny hand sits resting on her dads seemingly giant hand, the cautious touch of discovery trying to figure out mother nature, grandparent cuddles while sharing a moment in both joy and curiosity, the proud smile while clapping to our voices “if your happy and you know it clap your hands”– 10 years down the road these are the images that will bring you back to a place and time. So as they say, the days can seem long but the weeks fly by… take that picture, leave that legacy. Thank you to all my families that came to our lavender photo sessions, what an honour it was to capture those moments.

Location: Lavender Blu

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