My Life, My Boys

April 2, 2019

boy looking at dinosaur exhibit in a museum

As a family photographer I am so lucky to get to meet, hang out and document over 50 families each year. But as I think as many creatives can attest, we sometimes give our own family the short end of the stick when it comes to doing what you love for yourself. I noticed over the last two years huge gaps in time where I haven’t picked up the camera to document my own kids and it makes me so sad. While I’m not a new years resolution type of person, this year I made it a goal to really capture our life in the here and now.

This past March Break we decided to go on a small family adventure to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa giving me a chance to really focus my lens on my own babes. They are my inspiration, my reason for initially picking up the camera. Documenting their ages and stages in life gives me the ability to look back at those moments and it means the world to me because they really do grow so fast. I want to remember their curiosity and how they seem so little yet so big too.

As family photographer this desire really drives me when capturing each and every family because at the end of the day I want to give you images that I myself, would want of my own kids. I get kids, because I have 3 wild ones, so that unnecessary worry and stress of will-my-kids-behave-infront-of-the-camera can be thrown right out the window because look, I get it!! They are kids, we just go with the flow and capture them in their natural elements being curious and free.

museum of nature giant squid
boy looking at dinosaur exhibit in a museum
animal display with small child looking onwards
boy looking through glass at display while being captured by photographer in black and white
boy looking at display of rocks while on family trip to museum
boys running through hall in black and white
boys face through shadow of a fish tank
Boy looking at dinosaur