Backyard Kawartha Wedding

February 12, 2020

groom whispering something funny into brides ear while standing in a field

Casual yet so much fun, love and laughter is what Heather + Andrew’s backyard Kawartha wedding was all about. Having a wedding at your house is no small feat- I see you guys and all the work that goes into it!! Lawns, gardens, bar sheds, tents, catering, decor – it’s basically all DIY. It is a tonne of work, but getting to have that spot in the yard where you will always remember your wedding day is worth it all! Also getting to party like a rockstar when being surrounded by fields and very few neighbours all has its perks!!

Because their property is surrounded with farm fields, I couldn’t resist making the bride hop a fence (it was very carefully calculated 😉 ) just to capture in the amazing view. Later we took the whole wedding party into the fields for no fun at all (see below for our fun and games with this hilarious crew ;0 ) Living in the Kawartha’s we basically have an endless supply of golden fields and green tree lines so I’m always game to take advantage of it!

These two opted for a ceremony with family in the front yard followed by a tent dinner, finishing off with a rocking party with friends + family afterwords even ending off the night with food trucks!! Can we just pause for a moment to love on the big city feel of a food truck at a backyard Kawartha Lakes wedding in the country = YESSSSS!! I love that no two weddings are the same, and the whole vibe of this day was totally in keeping with these two wonderful peeps! They love to joke (as evidenced by the handshake during the ceremony) and keep everyone smiling. I know you two will laugh your time away as you start your new journey together as husband and wife.

bridesmaids standing with bride doing a cheers before their wedding day
bride reaching for her wedding dress to put on
bride crying while having her wedding dress put on by her maid of honour
bridesmaid reaction to bride coming out with her wedding dress on for the first time
groom having his tie adjusted by his friend before kawartha backyard wedding
bride walking down aisle with her father smiling
groom smiling at officiant during wedding vows
bride and groom standing at altar during their wedding Oakwood ceremony
bride smiling up at groom during backyard kawartha wedding
bride and groom share laugh and handshake during their wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing in their first kiss of marriage during their ceremony
bride and groom holding hands while walking out of their wedding ceremony smiling
bride and groom smiling and looking at their children standing in a field
bride and groom holding hands facing each other in black and white image
groom whispering something funny into brides ear while standing in a field
large group of wedding party walking together laughing