Stony Lake Outdoor Wedding

February 16, 2018

bride and groom on boat after wedding ceremony

Looking back on this Stony Lake wedding makes my heart so happy for Tara and Seamus.  These two infused so much of what they love and who they are into their big day- boating, music & most importantly family.

Tara & the girls started the day off getting ready at this adorable lakeside community, McCrackens Landing, where they left by boat to make a grand entrance to the lakeside ceremony at Wildfire Golf Club in Lakefield.  The outdoor ceremony was intimate and filled with emotion all to the beautiful backdrop of the dark clouds rolling in over Stony Lake.  The grooms father played the guitar while his sister sang, just an example of all the incredible loving and personal details in that day.  After the ceremony we hopped on the boat and cruised Stony Lake making a stop at Juniper Island which did not disappoint (Seamus picked out this perfect location!!).  This couple is no stranger to boating, as they have been working hard to restore one themselves, so it was very fitting for them to have time carved out in their day to relish in the scenery on the water for the first time as a married couple.  As a photographer, it was like living in a dream, the combination of both perfect company, scenery and weather, a day that goes down in the books without a doubt!

After that day, what I know about these two is, they so beautifully wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They love both fiercely and outwardly making the love they share, truly felt all throughout the day.  They smiled, they cried, they laughed through some of the funniest speeches I have ever heard, and they danced; not a single element of perfection was missed on their wedding day.

Getting Ready Location:  Harbourtown McCracken’s Landing

Ceremony Location:  Wildfire Golf Club

groom straightening tie

groom holding axe

mother of groom putting on boutineer

groomsmen before wedding ceremony

bride having makeup put on

bride showing off bracelet while getting ready for wedding

Bride getting hug from flower girl

sisters having a moment before wedding ceremony

bride wiping tears from eyes

wedding dress hanging in window

bride getting down wedding dress to put on

boat coming into wedding ceremony on Stoney Lake

bride coming off boat down dock to enter for wedding ceremony

guests awaiting brides entrance to wedding ceremony

bride walking down aisle for wedding ceremony off Stoney Lake

wedding ceremony view at Wildfire Golf Course on shores of Stoney Lake

bride tearing up during vows at wedding ceremony

bride and groom kiss

bride and groom walk down the aisle

bride and groom walk down the dock after getting married

bride and groom on boat after wedding ceremony

bride and groom walking on lakeside island for pictures

bride and groom embracing on lakeside island

bride looking over the lake

bride and groom hugging on island on Stony Lake

bride and groom walking on lakeside island wedding

bride smiling

bride and groom cuddling on dock