Sir William Mackenzie Inn Wedding

September 20, 2019

bride and groom walking hand in hand amongst large pine trees at their Sir William Mackenzie Inn wedding

Kyla + Chris had a vision for a small intimate wedding amongst a weekend of family, games, and great food… and that’s just what they did at the Sir William Mackenzie Inn wedding in Kirkfield, ON. Their reception was one for the books for me, it was the most emotionally beautiful profession of love, pride and sheer joy I’ve ever witnessed (Yup there were many tears shed- me included!!) which was truly so special to capture. Each of their families plays such a big role in their lives and it was really touching hearing each and everyones stories shared during speeches. And I can’t forget Little Nixon was the star of the day with his amazing best dog bandana!!!

Every couples journey to love is so different (and it’s one of my favourite questions to ask when meeting new couples!) and knowing these two, and the wonderful humans that they are just made my brim of joy overfill that much more! Have I said lately how much I truly LOVE weddings?!!?! 😉

When I arrived I did a tour of the grounds with Chris, and I was awe of the ceremony space- not only was the decor amazing but it just had such an earthy, grounding feel. Chris commented “this place totally looks like Kyla” and I couldn’t agree more 🙂 . They did an awesome job of infusing Kylas love for plants and greenery- every little detail down to the place settings was thought out perfectly.

The property at this historical site really speaks for itself, it is insanely beautiful with so many little nooks and crannies. The Sir William Mackenzie Inn always treats their guests to a magical lantern- lit cake cutting ceremony and dusk and wow, just wow. We finished off the night with an impromptu sparkler exit to boot.

Dress: Menzies House

Hair: Sarah Condo

Makeup: Lacey West Makeup

Venue: Sir William Mackenzie Inn

Sir william Mackenzie Inn historical building where the wedding was located
wedding sign upon entry of the inn
bride having her hair done by hairdresser on the day of her wedding in kirkfield, on
bride looking in the mirror at her hair
bride smiling to the side of the frame dressed in her wedding dress with reflection in the mirror
groom doing up top button on his shirt while getting prepared for his wedding ceremony
grooms reflection in the mirror while doing his hair
gazebo amongst the garden for a wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing their vows during their wedding ceremony at sir william mackenzie inn
bride and groom sharing a kiss during their ceremony exit surrounded by bubbles
bride and groom walking hand in hand amongst large pine trees at their Sir William Mackenzie Inn wedding
bride and groom cuddling their dog
bride and groom holding hands while their dog sits between them
bride and groom sharing a kiss as they walk up the stairs to their wedding reception
bride and groom laughing during wedding reception
bride tearing up during emotional speeches
bride and groom giving their last speech of the evening